Frosted Film Melbourne

Residential Frosted Film

Frosted, Opaque or Translucent films provide privacy solutions for many homes across Melbourne and Victoria.

Protect Your Property supply and install a wide range of window frosting films in Melbourne with designs to suit different applications without leading to a loss of natural light.


  • At home people want to create privacy at the front of the house where glass panels have been fitted beside or in the front door.
  • Similarly glass windows in a bathroom can be frosted to create day and night time privacy without having to install roller blinds or have them down all the time.


  • Extensions or new buildings sometimes have an “overlooking” problem due to having a clear line of sight into their neighbours’ home or back yard.
  • This will usually not be approved by Council unto the windows have been “obscured” to a height of 1.7 metres up from the floor
  • Frosted or Decorative films such as stripes are the easiest and most cost-effective solution to fix this problem without losing natural light, and having the expense of replacing your glass panes.

Commercial Frosted Film

Protect Your Property supply and install a wide range of frosted and vinyl film for Commercial Offices, Shops, Hotels and other Melbourne based businesses.

Commercial Buildings

Frosted Films with logos cut out provide a professional corporate impression as the first contact clients have with a business. If you do not require a logo, a simple pattern to meet safety regulations and add some style to an otherwise plain piece of glass.

Office windows in large commercial buildings are commonly fitted with a frosted film to create some privacy and improved concentration in meeting rooms or offices without a loss of light.

Signage and Logos

  • The combination of opaque, colour and special effect films allow for limitless creativity including corporate logos, pictures and words.

Frosted Film for Privacy

  • Use Frosted Films for day and night privacy whilst allowing natural light through.
  • Available in a wide range of finishes to enhance the look of your office.

Frosted Film for “Effect”

  • Doors, windows and partitions can be transformed using frosted films.
  • A variety of films and patterns give you many creative options, and if you need some ideas, we are more than happy to offer you help.