Residential Security Cameras / CCTV

Security Cameras conjure unpleasant thoughts of burglary and vandalism and alarms blaring in the middle of the night.

But “peace of mind” has gone hi-tech.

  • Security Cameras are widely accepted for use within the home to protect your family and prevent crime.
  • Security Cameras/CCTV enable homeowners to visually inspect their homes and property as easily as tuning the TV to a special security channel.
  • CCTV cameras, of which there are a wide variety of models (color, black-and-white, infrared, etc.), transmit images of the backyard, the patio, the front door, the living room, and anywhere else you aim one, to a DVR.
  • The DVR is then connected to either a monitor or your TV system so that you can view, record, or playback the captured images.
  • Your Security camera system can also be connected to broadband so that you can view the images remotely via the internet from your home, office, or anywhere in the world via your smart phone

Commercial Security Cameras / CCTV

CCTV/Security Camera surveillance is an important element of management and security control.

Protect Your Property provide quality CCTV/Security Camera systems that are tailored to meet our customer’s requirements and can consist of small one-camera/monitor applications for small businesses, to multi-camera systems for larger commercial applications.

  • Advancements in Security Camera and Digital Video Recording have made CCTV and video surveillance one of the most valuable security and loss-prevention solutions available.
  • CCTV systems are now reliable, efficient and simple to use.
  • Installing at least one Security Camera and DVR in your premises allows you to defend your business against shoplifting and employee dishonesty.
  • It enables you to detect and document intrusion as well as monitor merchandise and business processes.
  • Keep an eye on things even when you are out and about via your smart phone or tablet
  • From identifying intruders to providing reassurance to the public and your staff, the technology of CCTV Security Cameras allow you to record and monitor any area you choose.

Other benefits provided by CCTV systems include:

  • Continuous, time set, or motion detection surveillance and recording
  • Record employee work behaviour and productivity
  • Detection of false or fraudulent behaviour including compensation claims
  • Discreet or overt observation of property & personnel